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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Importance and Benefits of Soil Treatment in Nature Therapy (Clay Treatment)

Soil is also important in nature therapy. Soil treatment is as beneficial as hydrology. Soil is usually used as a coating, bandage or poultice. Wet mud is applied mainly on the abdomen or the part of the body where the symptoms of the disease are found.  As needed, cover the whole body or cover the body with soil with the head out.
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Pic-Experiment with clay all over the body

The clay strip has the following benefits

(1) Coldness: The soil coating or strip gives more 'Coldness' than the water bar. When there is a fever, it can be reduced by a clay strip. The soil strip has to be replaced every now and then until the body temperature drops to the desired level.

(2) Toxin Absorber: Soil has a wonderful and unique property of absorbing toxins in the body. Applying a bandage of soil on the abscess or pus wound, the soil absorbs all the pus in a short time and the wound is cleansed.

(3) Anti-inflammatory: Applying mud on the area of ​​the body where there is inflammation reduces the swelling. Try this remedy on swollen feet, tonsils or eyes.

(4) Stress reliever: If the muscles or nerves are very stimulated, if you put a bandage of clay on that part of the body, this stimulation is relieved and the stress on them is reduced.

(5) Painkillers: Relives pain if applied to the aching part of the body.

Which soil to take?

Clean, chemically neutral colored soil can be used for this experiment. If it is clay, add a little sand.  Sift the soil. That is, there will be no rubbish or stones. Then dry it in the sun. When coating, add enough water to soften the soil like butter. Then apply it on the part of the body where you want to apply the coating, the clay coating should be about an inch thick. The coating can also be spread on a wet cloth like a thin muslin. It is necessary to use a cloth when applying clay on the eye or head.
clay strip-Clay treatment-soil treatment
Pic-Clay Strip

If the clay coating or strip is left open, it mainly has a coating effect, but if the soil is spread, a thick cotton or warm cloth is tied over it to produce a warming effect, which means that if the purpose is to reduce body heat. The soil should not be covered with a cloth, but if the purpose is to generate heat, the soil should be covered with a cloth. Normally after half to one hour should remove the soil. It is okay to reapply after a while as needed.
Clay Bandage-Clay treatment-soil treatment
Pic-Abdominal clay bandage

If the soil is used for coldness, wipe the area with a damp cloth and then rub the area by hand - dry friction - to create a normal temperature. If the soil is covered with a cloth for heat, wipe the body with a cold, wet cloth after removing the soil.

In case of fever, constipation, diarrhea, stomach or intestinal ulcer, uterine bleeding, hernia (hernia), anal fissure (incision), appendicitis pain, abdominal pain, menstrual irregularities, etc. the soil experiment is beneficial. Experimenting with soil on blisters, wounds, pain or swelling is unimaginably beneficial.

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